Team IYF

John Dwyer, Chairman
“In this busy world, it’s important for me to give back to those less fortunate than myself.”

Alan Byrne, Trustee
“IYF supports some wonderful charities in Britain and Northern Ireland. It is remarkable what a big difference these charities can make to the lives of others with the assistance of even the smallest financial support. You can be sure that if you donate money to the IYF your contribution will directly benefit people who really need your help.”

Virginia Lawlor, Trustee
“I believe in equal opportunities for education no matter where you start. This can change lives. IYF grants help organisations to achieve this.”

Richard Corrigan, Trustee
“John Dwyer and I were introduced to IYF by one of the founders, Nessa O’Neill. It’s such a worthwhile cause, I’ve been supporting IYF ever since.”

Cecilia Gallagher, Trustee
“The Irish Youth Foundation helps those who have fallen through the cracks in life, giving them that much needed leg up.”

June Trimble MBE, Trustee and Northern Ireland Representative

Mark Gough, Treasurer
“The IYF has been a consistent and important element of my life in London. Aside from the great friendships made along the way, it also provides better perspective on the world we live in, which personally I have really valued.”

Linda Tanner, Head of Operations

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