Irish Community Care, Liverpool

The service funded by the Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) specifically engages young people and families who struggle to cope with the many demands of modern life.  From June to December 2016 ICC has supported 729 young people.

‘ICC makes contact with family members, keeping relationships strong’

‘Help with health issues: I was very let down by nursing staff in prison, I was dealt with with suspicion and no respect and my mental health was totally ignored by prison staff’

‘ICC found me a good flat, set up courses for me; without it I don’t know where I would be – I’ve come so far’

‘My application for release on tag (HDC) was turned down because I’m a Traveller. ICC got involved and explained to prison that I do live in a trailer but it’s on a Traveller site where HDC’s have been used before. ICC’s influence meant that I can be home soon with my family’

TESTIMONY James is a young Irish Traveller man who had returned home to his parents after having been homeless on the streets of London. He had left home after disclosing his sexuality to his family but had built bridges over time. James had significant mental health issues and literacy issues that made it impossible for him to contemplate claiming benefits or moving forward with his life. ICC successfully supported him to claim his benefit entitlements, attended the Housing Benefits office with him, all the time aware of his issues concerning being in groups of people and interacting with strangers, and encouraged him to seek medical help to address his mental health issues.

After finding suitable accommodation in which he felt safe and secure, James then focused on moving forward with his plans. ICC supported him in his decision and worked with him taking the slow steps that were needed. Two years later James is thrilled that he has secured employment as a care worker for BUPA, who are aware of his mental health conditions and fully support him. He is settled in his accommodation, has a new relationship and the support of his family, especially around his choice of partner and work role. He is so amazed by his own outcomes.