London Irish Centre

TESTIMONY 1 -John is 28 years old and of Irish descent. He decided to move to London to start a new life.  Things had been going very well for him, he had been working and privately renting up until December 2016. Unfortunately, in December he no longer had work and consequently lost his accommodation and he […]

Irish Community Care, Liverpool

The service funded by the Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) specifically engages young people and families who struggle to cope with the many demands of modern life.  From June to December 2016 ICC has supported 729 young people. ‘ICC makes contact with family members, keeping relationships strong’ ‘Help with health issues: I was very let down […]

New Horizon Youth Centre

“Laura is a 19 year old Irish woman living in London.   She attempted suicide at 16 and ran away from the home she lived in with her mother.  She was taken into care by her local council and then moved in and out of psychiatric institutions until she turned 18.  Then she was first […]

Foyle Down Syndrome Trust, Derry/Londonderry

IYF supports this parent led charity who believe more could and should be done to help their children lead full, meaningful and productive lives. Twenty four of the children experience pain and have difficulty walking due to fluid in their ears, vision problems and poor muscle tone. The grant supports the Trust’s Music Education and […]

Willowfield Community Parish Association, Belfast

Fifty two young people attended The Great Escape where sessions included looking at their sense of identity and overcoming life difficulties. As many leaders had previously attended as young people, they had a valuable perspective on the experience of attendees. The young people developed new skills and improve their confidence interacting in a positive environment […]