West Bann Development

West Bann Development, Coleraine, covers a large geographical area and much work is targeted to benefit the residents of a renowned deprived and culturally divided area known as Churchlands.  It aims to stimulate regeneration of the area for the benefit of the public, relieve poverty, unemployment, and enhance community life by providing opportunities which will enable local residents to fulfil their aspirations and improve relations to positively impact upon their lives.  Programmes include education and training, health and well-being, childcare and older people’s services

The £4,000 grant provided by IYF was used towards ‘Practical Youth’ to offer life skills courses to 36 young people over 12 weeks in practical skills of maintenance/decorating, sewing and crafts, budgeting and money management.  The programme sought to bring young people together from different backgrounds to develop life skills and educate them as a route to employment and further training and skills that can be used in the home, at college, at work or for business creation. For more information about the work of West Bann visit their website.