New Horizon Youth Centre

£9,500 has been awarded for the Irish Youth Project.  This contributes towards salary costs of providing a holistic model of support including lifeskills; literacy and numeracy; drug and alcohol advice; counseling; physical and mental health primary care; connection to services in participant’s home area; securing ID; and primarily a listening and non-judgmental ear in a warm and safe environment.

The project will also focus on young Irish men and women who are involved, or in danger of becoming involved, in sex working, have gang affiliations, are in prison or who have multiple needs. A culturally sensitive service will engage with young Irish women and men on the streets and in custody and aim to divert them to the centre-based service and the Women’s Open Space Project. It will access young people into appropriate housing and support them through resettlement work and introduce them to the in-house counselling and life-skills training service. Regular prison visits will be made to young Irish people in custody with the aim of steering them to support on their release.