London Irish Centre

The London Irish Centre Charity (LICC) provides a range of advice and outreach services in a number of boroughs across London. The overall services cater to the needs of people of all ages who are Irish-born, of Irish descent, or who have Irish family connections, including Irish travellers. Clients range from those who are London-born, have lived in London for a long time, right through to those who have just come to London. LICC also supports those who would like to return to Ireland. For street-homeless clients who are in crisis, funding is provided for travel and costs of emergency short-term accommodation. This reduces the immediate and likely risks associated with rough sleeping.

£7,000 was awarded towards the Advice and Outreach Service: funding for face-to-face, telephone, email and online advice and information for young Irish people in London and those in Ireland thinking about moving to London, offering help on access to housing, benefits, finding accommodation, healthcare, crisis care and employment. IYF funds enabled the Centre to support young Irish people in London by providing expert advice on their housing options and welfare benefit entitlements. LICC can provide these clients with a realistic assessment of the challenges they might face in securing housing in the private rented sector, and facilitate access to Employment, Training and Education (ETE) opportunities provided by partner organisations. For more information on the work of the London Irish Centre visit their website.