icap (Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy)

icap exists to provide accessible, culturally-sensitive counselling and psychotherapy to people of Irish origin and other minority, marginalised and disadvantaged communities in Britain. It provides therapy at its clinical centres in Finsbury Park and Birmingham via a series of eight satellite services and nationally through its network of therapists. The work funded by the Irish Youth Foundation takes place at the clinical centres in Finsbury Park and Birmingham. Both centres provide city-wide coverage.

People receiving icap’s services live in 34 UK local council areas including 23 of 32 London borough councils, Birmingham, Coventry, North Wales, Devon and the southwest of England and northern English towns and cities. In 2017, clients ranged in age from 22 to 88 years. Around one third were men and two thirds were women. 54% of those seen are Irish born and 34% were of Irish heritage. In 2017 icap delivered 7857 hours of therapy to 355 individuals. One in three clients seen reported seeing a psychiatrist either currently or in the past whilst 37% report themselves to have a disability.  Two-thirds of clients are economically inactive and living on state benefits or pensions.   70% of clients disclosed their current relationship status at referral. Of this group, 80% reported that they were single, divorced or widowed.

The £5,000 grant provided by IYF is being used to provide psychotherapy to 14 young Irish people under the age of 30 with 354 therapy sessions.  This funding enables icap to provide its service to young Irish people, meeting its aim to work with new migrants and young Irish people who are in distress. For more details on the work of icap  visit their website