IYF Supporting …..  Irish Film Festival

IYF proudly works with the Irish Film Festival which runs from 21 – 25 November. It’s such an important way to present Irish film and animation for a London audience.

Founder and Director Kelly O’Connor told IYF about one of the highlights of this year’s Festival:
Grace and Goliath will scoop you up in its mighty arms and carry you on an emotional but hugely enjoyable roller coaster!  A Hollywood big shot, (and he knows it!) Josh Jenkins sweeps into Belfast to make a movie, but before long his world crashes and he loses everything. Lily (a hotel cleaner) invites him to stay with her crazy family and gradually the people of this ‘strange’ city touch his heart, forever. A powerful story of how one man’s GOLIATH ego is brought down by one single blow, of Grace.”

 Much of the money supporting projects like the Irish Film Festival is raised at our Winter Ball @TheDorchester.   If you’d like to buy tickets please click here.


PHOTO: Irish Film Festival