£4,000 has been awarded towards Mental Health Support & Liaison Project: to provide vital centre-based AET and Psychotherapy to at least 30 young Irish people. These are effective talking therapies, helping Irish young people to develop the capacity to think and to recognise their own thoughts and feeling about their situations, the first step on the path to recovery from entrenched mental and emotional difficulties.

Intensive, tailored, culturally sensitive and practical support will be offered to the most vulnerable who have a range of other complex issues preventing recovery such as homelessness, debt, or not being in education, employment or training. The Brent Adolescent Centre provides a comprehensive service to young people 14-21 years of age in the following areas: Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol (Advice and Treatment), Sexual Health and a Connexions Personal Adviser Service. These services are provided mainly to residents (including Irish) of the borough of Brent and other London boroughs.